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Testimonials from AtamA users

  • "Quite impressed by it." -- A.M.
  • "A very nice, easily used tool!" -- B.C.
  • "Outstanding program." -- B.
  • "I like it a lot." -- C.H.
  • "I'm very glad with your program, saves me a lot of time investigating." -- K.
  • "Fantastic." -- C.O.
  • "I have been using your software for the past three or four years, for the benefit of poor patients, and with great success." -- Dr. D.
  • "I do enjoy working with your program ... on the whole it is great." -- D.
  • "I can't thank you enough for the wonderful software--it has made such a difference in our health.  ...  I am telling everyone I know about Atama." -- D.D.
  • "I have beenusing your software for some time now and have found it very helpful as well." Dr. M.H.
  • "Looks very good for a homoeopath." -- Dr. M.N.
  • "This is a very good program. Easy to work and very comprehensive for any person. The interface is just perfect." -- D.L.
  • "I have found your program to helpful, and a delight to use. ... I feel that your program is very reasonable priced. ... and it offers enough to be quite useful for all intents and purposed of a beginner, to even an advanced student." -- E.P.
  • "I have found your software absolutely invaluable for helping my clients" -- D.
  • "The new version seems to be flawless ! It is great!" -- F.
  • "I have used this program [many] times and each time it has proved to be worth the price of registration. I only wish I had found it years ago." -- G.S.
  • "This is a good tool." -- G.M.
  • "I use this program more than any other homeopathic computer aid." -- Dr. T.C.
  • "The software performs very well and even at this stage of my studies I have found the repertory very easy to use and extremely helpful." -- H.P.
  • "It is excellent." -- B.
  • "It's easy to use and [students at my college] will love it. " -- J.K.
  • "In general the underlying concept for the program is good." -- E.S.
  • "Well done in choosing the works you did.... I see your program being big with students. ... Thanks for putting the program out there." -- J.M.
  • "I have found Atama to be of great use. ... This summer I tried a very comprehensive program from Britain and while it has a choice of many materia medica and repretories, I still prefer your for it's ease of use and integrated approach - especially the hyperlinks." -- J.N.
  • "I liked it very much." -- G.G.
  • "I really enjoy using your Atama program. ... I am a Homeopath and need a more complet program.  I don't have the money to invest in a expensive CD program, so I am using yours on a regular basis." -- Dr. L.G.
  • "I've been investigated a lot of softwares in Homeopathy and until this moment the AtamA is the best and I think it's good to use it in our work." -- Dr. F.C.
  • "Liked it very much." -- A.M.
  • "I have had several very happy years use from my Atama program. ... I will continue to recommend your software." -- R.M.
  • "Works wonderfully." -- M.L.
  • "It is a good program that saves a lot of searching true Homeopathic books, very glad i can work with it." -- M.S.
  • "Your program is the best homeo program I have ever come across." -- I.M.
  • "I am impressed with the clean operation of the software, you are to be congratulated for keeping it straight forward." -- M.
  • "Thanks for providing the homeopathic users with a very powerful program at a reasonable price." -- N.G.
  • "I am finding the program very useful." -- N.B.
  • "I find AtamA a small but excellent Homeopathic Software" -- C.C.
  • "I am impressed with the program." -- O.H.
  • "I have tried evaluation copies of several Homeopathic software packages ... and found Atama to be by far the most intuitive, certainly if you're used to using Kent's rep. ... It's what I've been looking for for YEARS!" -- P.E.
  • "I am a programmer and it is rare I see a program and do not think that I could have done it better, and I had a really great homeopathy experience with it." -- A.M.
  • "Your programme means so much to me." -- R.M.
  • "A nice package." -- R.A.
  • "Thanks so much -- it is really refreshing to find people willing to share such a valuable and helpful program at such a reasonable price." -- R.G.
  • "Program is running exellent. New features are really wonderful." -- J.S.
  • "I think it is a great little program.... Its cut my searching hours by half." -- C.W.
  • "Thank you for good service - and for a very good program. I´m getting good help from it every day ... even if I have worked with homeopathy for 30 years now." -- S.S.
  • "I'm anxious to try out the program since it came so highly recommended and appears to be very user-friendly." -- T.M.
  • "Lovely software." -- V.H.
  • "As a medical doctor I use your programme on Homeopathy with great satisfaction.... It is easy to use and highly correct." -- Dr. W.M.
  • "I have now had ample opportunity to estimate it's true value and find it to be an excellent, easy to use, and accurate programme. ... I will also recommend it to my friends who are interested in and practice Homeopathy - both laymen and practitioners." --  G.P.
  • "The program is very useful and the price really moderate. I like your concept very much and it is easy to work with." -- W.K.

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